Cave Surveying Group

The CSG is a loosly aligned group of people interested in improving standards and providing access to surveys of caves. For more information contact Andrew Atkinson

The Group is currently active in the following areas:

Cave Data Archive
Many of the caves in Britain and elsewhere have been surveyed in the past but the data has been lost or, worse, thrown away. For many years the group has been looking at ways to reduce this happening. At last we now have the technology to make this possible.
Training has been on going for many years. Recently this has moved on to the use of 'paperless' surveying methods, mainly using DistoX, a pda and Therion
Originally the group was set up with subscribers to allow the paper disribution of Compass Points. This publication became less and less frequent and it was decided to move to a moderated electronic publication, hopefully with pieces also appearing in journals, such as the UBSS proceedings.

Other useful information

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Updated June 2012